Age 4
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Recurring character
André is a little boy who suffers from Autism, a disorder that causes difficulties in communicating and interacting socially.

Features and dashesEdit


André has approximately 4 years old, like Junior, but there is a possibility that he is younger. In his debut comic, André wears an orange (occasionally red) shirt, with green shorts and matching shoes with white detail. In the cartoon adaptation, he wears a yellow shirt, orange shorts and blue shoe with white details.

André is a special child, with small eyes and rounded face, in terms of personality, he is very quiet and shy. As described in the promotional issue, André, being atypical, has some peculiarities that make him special of the others, that is bored like these aspects does not prevent him to live a quiet and good life.

He doesn't usually look into people in their eyes, he doesn't say "hi" or "goodbye" to those in whom he finds either. He also doesn't point to interesting things, doesn't speak much, and, when he speaks, he speaks the essentials or words heard to seconds or days. He doesn't imitate other children and doesn't play pretend, but usually he is entertained with more diversified things, like seesaw or carts.

He does better things than other children in his age, like playing the piano. He has specific and interesting interests, such as setting up incredible jigsaw puzzles. André barely speaks, which is why Jimmy Five thinks he is strange at first. André demonstrates that people, even being disabled, can have a more normal life possible.