This article focuses on the interaction between Jimmy Five and Monica Edit

Jimmy Five and Monica Edit

The two have always had a bit of conflict between them since the start of Monica's Gang. Monica used to appear in Jimmy Five's comic strips but soon Monica took over. Jimmy Five has always wanted to get the spotlight back so him and Smudge sometimes tease Monica and devise plans to try and get the spotlight back but it never really works. The two do crush on each-other but would hated to admit it.

Monica's Gang Edit

Jimmy Five and Monica never really got on but Jimmy Five had sometimes showed affection for Monica. There was many comics showing conflict between the two. Jimmy Five sometimes called Monica Toothy, Shorty or Fatty. Monica beats Jimmy Five up with her plush Samson if he annoys her.

Monica Teen Edit

The two eventually admit that they like each-other and end up dating which leads to alot of fights but it really is a good relationship. The two hook up in Monica Teen Do You Want To Date Me? The two kiss