Age 7 years(Monica's Gang); 15 years(Monica Teen)
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Main Character
Likes Smudge and Getting himself smelly, Dustine, Soccer, Action figures, Playing Bass
Dislikes Water, Bath, Getting hit by Samson

Smudge[1] is one of the main characters of Monica's Gang. He was created in 1961, and since 1982, has his own printed comics appearing weekly on the newsagents.

He, along with most of the characters, appears in Monica Teen, as Smith.


Smudge is the third main character of Monica's Gang. He has an aquaphobia, causing him to panic when sees it. Instead, he drinks artificial beverages or soup. Smudge became a person who recycles old stuff in order to make new toys to play with. He used to visit the garbage deposit every day, but then in the last few years, he refused to work in the garbage deposit. He is the gang's handyman, often fixing the other kids' broken toys.

As becoming Jimmy Five's best friend, he is always convinced or even blackmailed to participate in his "infallible plans", even though in the end, due by several of episodes in the TV series or stories in the comic, he is always the one who screwed up after Monica spotted Jimmy Five and Smudge tricking on her.

Love LifeEdit

In a few stories, Smudge has an infatuation of Dustine, a girl who has the same aquaphobia as he did; but unlike Smudge, she even takes baths or showers.


  • Mauricio de Sousa, his creator, says he based the character on a child he knew while growing up in Mogi das Cruzes.
  • In Monica Teen, Smudge is known to take a bath occasionally.



  1. Smudge's name in Portuguese, Cascão, means a dirt layer that may appear on the human skin when not washed frequently, Representing Smudge's nature